Ars Legis – St. Ivo Helory Patron of Lawyers Association

Ars Legis – St. Ivo Helory Patron of Lawyers Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by the representatives of various legal professions. The aims of the Association are to spread the culture of law, integrate the lawyers, provide free legal service for the poor and form law students. The Association creates the platform which enables to share views, experiences and ideas between the lawyers, law professors and law students. All members of the Association make efforts to realise in their professional life the ideals of Patron of Lawyers St. Ivo Helory – developing the art of „boni et aequi” (good and right).

The most important event organized by The Association is annual “Feast of Lawyers”. This ceremony consists of the procession of lawyers in gowns, Holy Mass, conference and banquet. The Association organizes also other cultural events for lawyers like National Independence Day, Christmas carol meeting, movie shows and lectures. By initiative “Lawyers for lawyers” help and support is provided for elderly lawyers.

One of the focal point of its activity is the volunteer program directed to law students which aims not only at developing professional skills but also concentrates on bringing their attention to the essence of law. Volunteers can attend seminars and training courses as well as participate in the traineeships organized by the Association in law firms, notary offices and courts. The Association is also involved in the organization of the integration summer camp for newly admitted students of law where they can learn about university courses, students life and vocation of lawyers.

The Association runs two law clinics. In the Law Clinic on Inheritance and Tenant Law, which has been opened since 2008, poor people can receive legal advice concerning their most urgent problems. In 2011 the Association opened Law Clinic for Non–governmental organisations, where lawyers explain how to establish such an organisation, help with the analysis of court procedure for registration, tax questions or preparation of statutes of organization.

Ars Legis – St. Ivo Helory Patron of Lawyers Association has over 50 members and many volunteers involved in its activity. The Association is opened for new ideas and different forms of cooperation on national as well as international level.

If you have any question concerning the Association, please do not hesitate to ask and send e-mail: